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Melcombe Regis Cemetery
Graves near to the War memorial are mainly of those who died in the 1st World War. The majority were of the Australian divisions of the army.

Melcombe Regis Cemetery

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  A list of the war graves in the cemetery    
736536 Private D.Boyce 16th Bn. Canadian Inf. 6th June 1917
5794 Private J.B.Burns 1st Australian Pioneers 25th June 1917 Age 24
6658 Private H.H.Sermon 28th Bn. Australian Inf. 10th June 1917
5082 Private V.G.Smith 21st Bn. Australian Inf. 13th November 1918 Age 25
138 Private L.N.Matthews 27th Bn. Australian Inf. 4th July 1917
936 Lance Cpl. R.O.Pryor 33PD Bn. Australian Inf. 10th November 1918 Age 32
31244 Private R.J.Jobling Royal Defence Corps 20th June 1917 Age 51