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JULY 2007
Pictures of the beach and Riviera, Preston Beach and a windsurfer added to the Bowleaze Cove page.
Penguins and Model World added to the Lodmoor Country Park page.
Sunset over Radipole Lake towards the Convent of the Sacred Heart added to the Lodmoor page.
St Johns Terrace, Wellington House, Royal Oak, St Augustine's Church and Agincourt added to the new Dorchester Road (Lodmoor, Weymouth) page.
Weymouth College pictures added to the new Weymouth College page.
The Royal Baths added to the St Thomas Street (Weymouth) page.
New Look, Natwest and numbers 24 to 28 added to St Thomas Street (Weymouth) page.

JUNE 2007
Harbour office, Town beam, Portsmouth Hoy, Grace House, Poole Arms, Henning's Wharf, Jolly Sailor, Lord Nelson and the Lifeboat Museum added to the new Quay (Poole) page.
Crown Hotel, Guildhall Tavern, the Angel and the Guildhall added to the new Market Street (Poole) page.
The Almshouses added to the new Church Street (Poole) page.
The Antelope and numbers 48 to 52 added to the new High Street (Poole) page.
Harbour Office and the King Charles pub added to the new Thames Street (Poole) page.
Pictures of the 2007 Military and Veterans Parade, Military Convoy and Beach Assault added.
Over 100 pictures of this years Dorchester Carnival added.
The coast and a pillbox added to the West Bexington page.
Bluebells and sheep added to the Blackdown Woods page.

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Weymouth ".....the old watering-place herein called
"Budmouth (Weymouth)"
still retained sufficient afterglow from its Georgian gaiety and prestige to lend it an absorbing attractiveness to the romantic and imaginative soul of a lonely dweller inland."

Thomas Hardy,
Return of the Native 1878

"On the dry sand sat, in little groups, the older people, reading, sewing, sleeping, talking to one another, while on the wet sand the children, building their castles and digging their canals were far too absorbed ...
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... and content to exchange more than spasmodic shouts to one another. The free play of so many radiant bare limbs against the sparkling foreground-water and the bluer water of the distance gave to the whole scene a marvellous heathen glamour."
John Cowper Powys,
Weymouth Sands 1934

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